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Want to give your child an advantage?

Catherine offers writers coaching, mentoring and workshops to start your children on their journey to becoming an author.  Not only does she work with children, Catherine works with adults wanting to publish a book or enter competitions.

In truth, Catherine not only works with you to discover and tell your stories, she also cheers you along until you cross the finish line.

She brings a wide range of disciplines and interests to coaching, including the ‘Mind & Emotional’ connection to writing.  As a certified Professional L2 Executive Coach with the Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership (IECL), a leading program in coaching that’s aligned with the International Coach Federation, Catherine offers a range of coaching techniques to help unlock you or your child’s writing potential.

Catherine is a great a motivator and will guide writers to reach their writing goals.

Whether that is to start (or finish) a book or to just learn how the writing process works, she can help strategise the steps – with clarity and confidence.