What People Say

  2017 October - A picture speaks a thousand words! A happy fan completely engrossed in The Adventures of Tzar the Paddington Poodle: Brahman Bull Encounter. 

2017 September - "My mum bought the Brahman Bull Encounter before it was published, so I got my name in the book. All my friends thought I was a celebrity. Mum promised to buy the next book, the Tasmanian Devil Encounter, so I can have my name in it as well" Ternicia Moore, 10 years old

2017 September - "I have all 3 books in the series, and can't wait till the Tasmanian Devil Encounter comes out, so I can find out what those cheeky poodles get up to" Germaine Gart, 11 years old

2017 September - “I want to go to the outback to see all the things Tzar and Ziggy saw in the Brahman Bull Encounter” Madison Acharya, 6 years old

2017 September - “My favourite book series is The Adventures of Tzar the Paddington Poodle and I have collected all of them. The Brahman Bull Encounter with all those crazy animals is my number one. Patrick Bent, 12 years old

2017 August - “The Brahman Bull Encounter is a great book to showcase Australian wildlife, Tzar and Ziggy are fabulous” Ian Jenkins, 9 years old

2017 August - “The Brahman Bull Encounter is a page turner, with lots of animals I had never even heard of before reading this story” Ava Littlemore, 8 years old

2017 June, 20 - “I live in America with my parents and had to take a book to school about Australian animals so I took the Brahman Bull Encounter. My teacher read it to my classmates and declared it to be the best book she has read. Isabella Thomas, 7 years old (living in New York)

2017 May, 20 - “The Brahman Bull Encounter hooks you right in from the first page and keeps you entertained till the end” Peter Jaconvia, 10 years old

2017 April, 19 - “The Brahman Bull Encounter is a brilliant book for all ages” Tamara Petra, 35 years old

2017 January, 20 - The Goanna Encounter is such a delightful story. It's refreshing and different. Love the cheeky poodles. Susan Z

2017 January, 5 - My dad bought the Goanna Encounter because he loved the cover. He did good. I love it and will cherish it forever. Jack S

2016 December, 23 - Fell in love with the Goanna Encounter cover and the story line and just had to buy for my son for Xmas. He will be stoked. Geoff S

2016 November, 20 - Outstanding! I love your new book, Goanna Encounter. Great Read, awesome pictures. Thanks and keep up the good work. Peter D

2016 November, 11 - Love your new book - Goanna Encounter. I couldn't put it down till I had finished it. R Henney

2016 January, 9 - What a clever story! My son treasures the Goanna Encounter and has readings when his friends have a sleep over. Thank you for such a lovely story. Frank Z

2015 May, 20 - Have just read the Goanna Encounter to my students who were absolutely taken by the story. The teachers notes and exercises were great and kept the children entertained for hours. Sarah F 

2015 March, 30 - My daughter is looking forward to the next book in the series.  She reads the Crocodile Encounter every night before she goes to bed.  John S

2015 February, 18 - The Crocodile Encounter is such a delightful book, thank you for writing something that is both educational and entertaining.  My daughter is so in love with the poodles. Mary S

2014 December, 30 - I gave the Crocodile Encounter to my grandson as a gift for Xmas because it had a fierce crocodile on the front cover.  I read it to him every time we catch up which is almost every week. It is a sweet and light to read. We both get a big kick out of reading it. Grandma Jacki

2014 December 22 - I couldn't wait for the Crocodile Encounter to be released and ordered in advance for my little girl.  She went wild with excitement when she got it.  She had read it a hundred times already. Susan G