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Currently, in pre-sales and is scheduled for release in June 2018 - Watch this space!

Just when you think Tzar and his friends couldn’t get into more mischief, there’s adventure afoot in Tasmania!

In this, their latest escapade and the fourth instalment of Tzar’s travel journals, our adventure fanatics Tzar and Ziggy and their best friend Coco jump at the opportunity to explore the beautiful wilderness island of Tasmania at the southern tip of Australia.
They soon discover that Tasmanian devils are real and in need of help if they are to survive extinction.

Possums, Pademelons, Bettongs and Dunnarts unique to this part of Australia all feature in this fun filled tale. But can they help Tzar prove whether there really is one last Tasmanian Tiger alive on the island?

Read on to discover how it all ends!

This book is suitable for children of all ages and is particularly useful as an early childhood learning resource, as a number of life lessons can be gleaned from the story.

Other books in the series of The Adventures of Tzar the Paddington Poodle include Crocodile Encounter, Goanna Encounter, Brahman Bull Encounter and due for release in June 2018, Tasmanian Devil Encounter