BOOK - Tzar and the Crocodile - Soon to be released ages 3 to 6 years


Holidaying in Australia's Top End, Tzar the Paddington Poodle, his brother Ziggy and their best friend Coco, meet Northi the northern quoll. They learn that quolls are endangered, and what the cleaver folk from the top end are doing to help quolls survive the cane toad invasion. 

On their last day they head out for an early morning burn up the beach.

Much to Tzar horror, his ball lands smack-bang in front of a very, very, very BIG Crocodile sunning itself on the beach.

Will Tzar and the Crocodile become friends ... or will Tzar become lunch?

This book is suitable for children aged between 3 and 6 years. It is a must have book for parents who read to the children.

The story teaches children about Australia, the plight of its wildlife, and how to overcome fear.

It is particularly useful as an early childhood learning resource, as a number of life lessons can be gleaned from the story.